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Welsh Failing To Secure Homes During The Holidays

, / 2079

New research has revealed the Welsh to be the worst in the UK at securing homes before leaving to go on holiday, with almost half (48%) using no security measures at all.

With such a blasé attitude to protecting properties, the Welsh are neglecting to use even the simplest of devices, such as timers for lights, let alone a more sophisticated home alarm system.

Despite this, the research by security retailer safe.co.uk reveals the Welsh to be thoroughly systematic in other areas of pre-holiday prep, with 15% using a spreadsheet to organise packing. Almost 90 per cent (88%) of us say that we’d never go abroad without travel insurance and 97 per cent have never had to order an emergency passport, compared to 88 per cent of Brits nationally.

There’s nothing worse than coming home from your holiday to discover a burglary, and with the school holidays upon us, many families are taking the opportunity to go away for weeks at a time with the kids. Although the research revealed the focus for the Welsh is to organise our holiday admin, we should also be turning our attention to our empty homes and the vulnerability of belongings left behind.

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